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Download 365Scores 1.4.2 Full Android APK

365Scores 1.4.2

The newest 365Scores 1.4.2 has been release by 365Scores with many features added such as Configure the main screen to your needs, Variety of sports and countries, Choose preferred leagues and teams, LIVE section for following live results and Configure alerts (silent or otherwise).

365Scores 1.4.2365Scores 1.4.2

365Scores is a complete sports application: it covers a huge variety of sports and competitions from around the world as well as up-to-the-minute live coverage of soccer matches, basketball, tennis and other sports.
Choose your preferred team, leagues and competitions and get ready to have all the information you could possibly need.

Your teams, your leagues, your sports

365Scores is fundamentally an app for checking results and rankings.

In soccer, for example, you can check out results forLa Liga or the Premier League, as well as Serie A from Brasil or Liga Postobón from Colombia. In short, there are a ton of leagues from all over there world at your fingertips.
Other sports you can follow with 365Scores are basketball, (all the main American and European and competitions) football, baseball, tennis, handball, and volleyball.

Unfortunately, there's no data for Formula 1 or motorcycling.
The information on 365Scores is divided into news, videos, rankings and results. There are also a few interesting  sections: sales and transfers, with information on the buying and selling of players, and Tweets, in which you can follow tweets related to your favorite team.

Your application, your way
The huge quantity of information could be a problem in 365Scores .

To cut down on irrelevant info, we recommend you use the customization options: you can choose your favorite sports, teams and competitions to follow closely. The same goes for the alerts and the live tracking: you can choose the alerts you want to receive in order to, for example, know when a match starts or see results at half time.
The LIVE section lets you find out which sporting events are going on at any given moment, and this feature really stands out.

It's also possible to see what events are coming up in the next few days simply by selecting the date.

Handy guide for sports fans

If you're looking for a central point of access for following your favorite leagues and reading the latest news about your team, 365Scores is one of the most comprehensive apps in its category.
If, however, as well as soccer, basketball and tennis, you like the world of motorsport, you'll have to choose another application.

365Scores 1.4.2 Features

  • Configure the main screen to your needs
  • Variety of sports and countries
  • Choose preferred leagues and teams
  • LIVE section for following live results
  • Configure alerts (silent or otherwise)

Download 365Scores 1.4.2 Full Android APK

365Scores 1.4.2 Full Android APK is now available for download from Google Play / Android Market. You can get 365Scores 1.4.2 Full Android APK in two ways, direct download from Google Play / Android Market or Download To Computer first and then install do your android.

If you don't know how to install APK file, please feel free to follow tutorial how to install apk files to Android phones. This apps requires Android 2.0 or higher.