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Download Halo Waypoint 1.0 Full Android APK

Halo Waypoint 1.0

New version of Halo Waypoint 1.0 have been released to Android Market. In this version of Halo Waypoint 1.0 you will enjoy many features like Lots of statistics, Create custom challenges and View multiplayer information.

Halo Waypoint 1.0Halo Waypoint 1.0

Halo Waypoint is a companion to Halo: Reach.
The app tracks your performance in the game as well as features Atlas, a multiplayer map pack. Atlas shows overhead maps of different levels in the multiplayer of Halo: Reach, showing the location of different items like weapons and vehicles.
The app also accesses your career progress and shows all the stats of your games.

Game history, campaign progress, and stats about weapon use are all included to view. The information in Halo Waypoint is detailed and up to date with the last time played.
Halo Waypoint also supports up to five custom challenges where you can invite friends to try and complete. Start by picking the game type, goal, time limit, and amount and send it to your friends.

It is a great way to keep competition between your Xbox Live friends.
Halo Waypoint is a great statistics tracker and companion tool to Halo: Reach.

Halo Waypoint 1.0 Features

  • Lots of statistics
  • Create custom challenges
  • View multiplayer information

Download Halo Waypoint 1.0 Full Android APK

Halo Waypoint 1.0 Full Android APK is now available for download from Android Market. You can get Halo Waypoint 1.0 Full Android APK in two ways, direct download from Android Market or Download To Computer first and then install do your android.

If you don't know how to install APK file, please feel free to follow tutorial how to install apk files to Android phones. This apps requires Android 2.0 or higher.