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Download Octopus 1.0.1 Full Android APK

Octopus 1.0.1

The newest Octopus 1.0.1 has been release by Magma Mobile with many features added such as Fun puzzles and Great art style.

Octopus 1.0.1Octopus 1.0.1

Octopus is a puzzle game requiring you to fill the board space with octopi and their numerous legs.
Octopus contains three different modes, including a challenge mode, arcade, and time attack modes. Each mode contains the same gameplay, but has different rules when playing. The challenge mode is a level-by-level puzzle mode.

You solve different puzzles and work through the various stages. The arcade mode is a random level generator depending on the difficulty level that you choose. Time attack is a mode where you try to solve puzzles as fast as you can, earning more time the faster you solve the level.
Puzzles in Octopus range from easy to challenging, but the difficulty level is intelligently spaced out as you progress through the challenge mode.

Levels in arcade mode vary depending on the difficulty chosen. The levels may appear difficult at first, but it takes little time to look and plan accordingly to solve the puzzles.
Octopus is a great family puzzle game.

Octopus 1.0.1 Features

  • Fun puzzles
  • Great art style

Download Octopus 1.0.1 Full Android APK

Octopus 1.0.1 Full Android APK is now available for download from Google Play / Android Market. You can get Octopus 1.0.1 Full Android APK in two ways, direct download from Google Play / Android Market or Download To Computer first and then install do your android.

If you don't know how to install APK file, please feel free to follow tutorial how to install apk files to Android phones. This apps requires Android 2.0 or higher.

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