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Download X-Ray Scanner 1.4 Full Android APK

X-Ray Scanner 1.4

The newest X-Ray Scanner 1.4 has been release by KreCi with many features added such as Fun for pranking friends.

X-Ray Scanner 1.4X-Ray Scanner 1.4

X-Ray Scanner for Android simulates the effect of an X-ray machine. Use it to prank your friends into thinking your phone has X-ray capabilities.
Providing you set it up right, X-Ray Scanner can give a good illusion that you're looking through skin onto a person's hand or foot bones. After calibrating X-Ray Scanner, you tell your 'victim' to put their right hand or foot on the table.

You then pass the phone over their limb, tilting it to the side as it scrolls.
The movement needs to be done quite precisely or the illusion will be shattered. X-Ray Scanner actually uses your Android phone's G-Sensor, rather than its camera, to make the scans, so it relies on you tilting it in the right place (and on your friend not moving their hand!)
At the time of writing X-Ray Scanner only supports the scanning of the right hand and the right foot, although more should follow in future updates of the app.
X-Ray Scanner makes for an amusing prank if you can do it right, but the x-ray effect won't fool most of your friends - unless you hang out with idiots!

X-Ray Scanner 1.4 Features

  • Fun for pranking friends

Download X-Ray Scanner 1.4 Full Android APK

X-Ray Scanner 1.4 Full Android APK is now available for download from Google Play / Android Market. You can get X-Ray Scanner 1.4 Full Android APK in two ways, direct download from Google Play / Android Market or Download To Computer first and then install do your android.

If you don't know how to install APK file, please feel free to follow tutorial how to install apk files to Android phones. This apps requires Android 2.0 or higher.